Cloudy Well Water

What well owners can do when they have cloudy well water?

Water Well Inspection

Well Water Inspection Service – California

Well Pump or Filter

Water well pump systems are complex, cloudy well water can be caused by something as simple as a dirty water filter. Or it could be a more serious problem with the pump or well water itself. When you fill a glass with water let it settle for a few minutes.

Does it clear up?

If it does it might be a quick fix.

Does your well water stay cloudy?

That can be a sign of a more serious problem happening deep in the well. Your well should be inspected to see if it needs to be cleaned or repaired. Avoid costly problems with your well.

If you have any concerns about cloudy well water Well Tec is available to answer all of your questions.

Particulate in Well Water

Does your well water look dirty? Like silt or rust color water?

Your well pump might be pulling up silt from the well. Rusty color well water could also be caused by an old well that needs to be refurbished or replaced. Replacing a well pump can cost thousands of dollars. Prevent complete pump replacement with regular maintenance.

Surface Water Contamination

Does your well water get cloudy shortly after it rains?

Surface water could be getting into your well. Surface water contains higher levels of contamination than well water from deep in the ground. Does your well head have water pooling around it when it rains? Well Tec can determine what can be done to prevent surface water from getting into your well. Contaminants found in home water wells include E. coli and C. jejuni. These are serious bacteria that can cause sickness and even death.

A community in Ontario, Canada saw this first hand back in 2000 their water supply was contaminated by heavy rain that caused fertilizer to seep into the water system. No testing and lack of monitoring caused 7 deaths and severe illness in 2,300 more citizens.

Inspection and Testing

Well owners need to take proper steps to keep a well running clean and healthy. Regular water testing should be done every six months to a year minimum. Well Tec can inspect and test your well water on a regular basis to help prevent larger problems from happening to you.

If a well owner needs a well disinfected the details on what has to be done can be found at If a well owner has determined their well is contaminated Well Tec can disinfect the well now. Schedule an appointment now.