Coliform in Well Water

Remove Coliform in Well Water…

Well Cleaning and Disinfecting

Coliform is a “blanket” category term used in the water industry. This includes a large group of bacteria that inhabits the soil and the intestines of warm-blooded mammals, including humans. Most coliform bacteria do not cause disease, but they are not normally found in ground water. When a test is positive for the presence of coliform in well water, that is an indicator that pathogenic bacteria, viruses and protozoa are also present in the water.

Well Owner Responsibility

Home owners are responsible for the quality of their own well water. The EPA doesn’t regulate private wells. The first step for private well owners to maintain a safe water supply is regular monitoring for the presence of harmful microorganisms like coliform in well water. The state of California recommends well water testing yearly to insure it’s safe for drinking. Water should be analyzed by a qualified laboratory and include a bacterial analysis.

8 steps to remove Coliform in well water…

In the event that a test comes back positive for coliform in well water, it needs to be disinfected immediately.

We found an article from that goes into detail on how well owners can disinfect a well. This includes the calculations for all of the chemicals needed. As well as directions with 8 steps to disinfect your well.

Get Healthy Drinking Water Fast

If you have coliform bacteria in your well system you can attempt to clean it yourself or Well Tec can do all of the calculations and handle all of the chemicals for you. Call now or email us to get healthy drinking water again.

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