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  • Eliminate the worry of owning a home with a well.
  • Avoid huge bills for replacing failed well pumps.
  • Get confidence your well system is covered when it breaks

The Home Well Protection Plan provides peace of mind for one of the most important systems in your home. No more worries about expensive repairs on your home well system.

Affords well owners with budget protection. The most your covered repair will cost is a low service fee.

What is the Home Well Protection Plan?

The home well protection plan is a warranty service contract that covers the repairs and replacement of the major pieces of your home water well system. For a low monthly rate Well Tec will service your well system. Instead of spending thousands of dollars on replacing a water pump, you only pay one low service fee per incident.

Why the Home Well Protection Plan?

The most common call Well Tec gets from customers is HELP I HAVE NO WATER!!!

In many cases this call ends up costing the customer thousands of dollars in pump replacement costs. We knew there had to be a way to help our customers reduce the financial impact of well pump failures. We sat down and created a low cost plan that removes the high price of replacing home water well pumps and other well components.

What is covered by the Home Protection Plan?

The plan covers parts of the well pump used as the main source of water to the customer’s home, including well pump, impellers, motor, and pump seals. Optional coverage is available for booster pumps, well pump control boxes and pressure tanks.

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